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A Worldwide Information Source Turkish Archive

(January 31, 2003) The Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative,ATON, has received worldwide attention with its digitized collection. The Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library has recorded over 18,000 document requests from the site, http://aton.ttu.edu/, in the first three weeks of January. It has already been accessed by more patrons in three weeks than the total number of visitors to the archive premises in its forty year existence. Of the three similar programs worldwideATONis the only collection digitized and accessible on the web.

There are currently over fifty links to theATONwebsite from various other sites around the world. Academic and professional institutions with a link include:StanfordUniversity,SakaryaUniversityin theTurkishRepublic, Monumenta Altaica inRussiaand the American Anthropological Association. The British Library which is considered one of the finest libraries in the world, also has a link to theATONwebsite. There are also over two dozen search engines and other various sites that link to ATON. Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative: http://aton.ttu.edu

Web Master's Perspective Chris Reynolds

The Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative has its beginnings in field tapes recorded  by Dr. Ahmet Uysal, Dr. Warren Walker and Mrs. Barbara Walker in the Turkish countryside.  To my understanding, the field tapes contain oral narratives and conversations as relayed by the inhabitants of both rural and urban areas of the TurkishRepublic.  These field tapes and recorded stories were later translated and typed into the seventy three volumes.  All are now accessible on the ATON website.

In the summer of 2002, we began scanning the seventy three volumes thus creating some 2,300 Adobe PDF files.  This represents one Adobe PDF file per published narrative.  Each page of each narrative has been protected by a watermark declaring fair use by the copyright holder.  The scanning and watermarking process took approximately four to five months with the scanned volumes going online in late October.  Since going online, the narratives have been visited over 28,000 times to date by users from 56 countries, situated on five continents.  A portion of the narratives represent the body of work contributed by Drs. Barbara and Warren Walker. The remainder number of items have been provided as a courtesy of Dr. H. B. Paksoy from his personal collections.  Dr. Paksoy collected these works over a twenty five year period in several countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Dr. Paksoy's collections consist of photographs, field tapes of conversations and narratives, music, rare and unique books, and numerous articles and excerpts from published works. 

These works have been donated copyright free and are available to the public for fair use for personal and scholarly research. Currently, we are working to scan more items from Dr. Paksoy's personal collection such as books and other works.  In the future, it is our hope to digitize the original field tapes made by the Walkers and put them online alongside the translated narratives.  Both short term and long term objectives have always focused on expanding and digitizing the entire collection and making it as accessible to the public as possible.  The digitization of this collection serves as a permanent backup to the paper medium on which documents now reside in the climate controlled archives of the Special Collections Library at TexasTechUniversity. 

Please visit  http://aton.ttu.edu

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