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Turkish Archive - A Worldwide Information Source

January 31, 2003

The Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative, ATON, has received worldwide attention with its digitized collection. The Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library has recorded over 18,000 document requests from the site, http://aton.ttu.edu/, in the first three weeks of January. It has already been accessed by more patrons in three weeks than the total number of visitors to the archive premises in its forty year existence. Of the three similar programs worldwide ATON is the only collection digitized and accessible on the web.

There are currently over fifty links to the ATON website from various other sites around the world. Academic and professional institutions with a link include: Stanford University, Sakarya University in the Turkish Republic, Monumenta Altaica in Russia and the American Anthropological Association. The British Library which is considered one of the finest libraries in the world, also has a link to the ATON website. There are also over two dozen search engines and other various sites that link to ATON.

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